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Social Enterprise Alliance membership includes discounts to events, professional services and other exclusive opportunities. Check this page often as new discounts will be added. If you are an active member, you will find all access information for these opportunities here. (Note: you must be logged into your SEA account to view the page.)

SEA Promotional Opportunities

SEA offers several promotional opportunities to partners and sector champions. These offerings include sponsored topic guides, sector reports, blog posts, webinars and more. All of these promotions are available to members at a discount, 15% off for individual members and 30% off for organizational members. To learn, check out our SEA Promotional Opportunities and email our Partnerships Manager at

SXSW Impact

MARCH 10-14 • CONVERGENCE. SXSW Impact highlights innovative ideas from creative industries that are contributing to a better, more equitable world. This programming offers opportunities to those working on social impact to identify and share solutions: from activists, storytellers and entertainers to philanthropic nonprofits, foundations and social enterprise. SEA members receive 10% off any booth at the Tradeshow and Marketplace as well as the lowest discounted rate for any registrations. For more information, email our Partnerships Manager at

The Collaborative

Calling all changemakers and social entrepreneurs: join us at the Classy #Collaborative18 for 3 days of hands-on workshops, meaningful networking, and tangible takeaways featuring 130+ speakers and 1,200 attendees! SEA members get 15% off registration.

GrantStation Subscription

Do you struggle to identify new funding sources? Does the lack of time limit your ability to submit grant requests? Do you have a grants strategy for this year and next year? These are significant issues that many nonprofit organizations struggle to overcome. For this reason, SEA is partnering with GrantStation to help keep your organization financially healthy by providing the tools for you to find new grant sources, build a strong grant-seeking program and write winning grant proposals. SEA members receive annual access is only $75.00 annually, 89% off the regular retail price. For more information about registration, please log in to your SEA account.

SSIR Subscription

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) informs and  inspires millions of social change leaders from around the world and from all sectors of society – nonprofits, business, and government. With magazines, online articles, webinars, conferences, podcasts, and more, SSIR bridges research, theory, and practice on a wide range of topics. SSIR is published by the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University.

SEA members can save $10 on an annual subscription. You can visit to learn more about the publication.

Emma Email Marketing

The best email marketing is personal, relevant, and timely. With Emma’s Advanced Automation suite, you can check all three boxes — and in less time.


SEA members can open an account through Emma at the following rates:

Contacts Emma Pro Package Emma Plus Package Emma Premium Package
0-2,500 $42/ month* $93/month* $203/month*
2,501-5,000 $59/month* $110/month* $203/month*
5,0001-10,000 $76/month* $127/month* $203/month*
10,001-25,000 $144/month $314/month* $441/month*
25,001-50,000 $229/month $399/month $526/month*
*compares to full price of $89/month for up to 10,000 contacts *compares to full price $369 for up to 25,000 contacts *compares to full price of $779 for up to 75,000 contacts

You can find the differences between each package by looking at this comparison chart.

PR Newswire’s PR Toolkit program:


The PR Toolkit is a robust program and resource center that educates small business professionals about PR and how it can help their company or organization gain visibility and grow. Through this program SEA members get access to a free annual membership (normally $195) and more than $2,000 in free and discounted services. 


UNA Purchasing Solutions

UNA is a group purchasing organization and through their alliance of partners they leverage a collective spend of $60+ billion dollars to negotiate incredibly discounted vendor contracts. Some of these vendors include FedEx, Staples, Hotel Engine and many more.


As a result of our partnership with UNA, SEA members can save a substantial amount of money with the following providers:

UNA Discounts


If you are an active member, you will find all access information for these opportunities here. (Note: you must be logged into your SEA account to view the page.)