Small Copper BRANDED Cuff

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Small Copper BRANDED Cuff
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Our BRANDED Collection is hand sanded, stamped, and polished by survivors of human trafficking in Nashville, Tennessee. Each piece contains unique markings and qualities along with your individual number. We hope you will see these “imperfections” as we do… the delightful charm of handmade.

Over time your brass and copper items may need some attention to remain shiny. If you do not like the patina aesthetic, we suggest the following natural polishing technique. Fill a bowl with lemon juice and add a dash of sea salt. Using a cotton ball or paper towel rub your cuff with the lemon juice and sea salt mix. Rinse your shiny new cuff with water and dry with a paper towel… oh the magic of a little lemon juice!

Note: this cuff is made with pure, uncoated copper. If you notice skin discoloration, we recommend coating the back with clear nail polish.
Bracelets bend to individual wrist size.
Copper cuffs are 1/2 inch wide and 6 inches long.

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