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This kit introduces the ideas of doing good by giving back and helping others, in relatable, kid-friendly lingo. Great for ages 5-10.

Toolkit contains:

The Giving Book, by Ellen Sabin- an interactive discussion book that will help encourage conversations with you and your kid about the world.

Starter Kit Guide– introduces the five For Purpose Friends that will teach your kids about doing good and helping others, and connect them to other cultures and regions around the world with their diverse backgrounds.

Welcome Guide for Champions– provides the benefits of inspiring kindness in young kids and ways you can help support their efforts to do good in the world.

Journal of Purpose & Action– the PERFECT place for your kids to write down their thoughts and ideas about being kind & doing good to make the world MORE awesome! We reference this journal throughout our Toolkit activities. It’s an outlet for your kids to express themselves as they complete each kit and a fun way to look back as your child grows too.

For Purpose Friends– Our paper cut outs of the For Purpose Friends encourage creativity, kindness and acceptance in your child by putting real faces to the characters in the Starter Kit. Use them during playtime, or while you work your way through the kits to dive deeper into the causes behind each character.

*For every Toolkit purchased, 5 meals will be donated to kids at the Sunaayy Foundation, an organization in New Delhi India, that provides basic education, nourishment and support for underprivileged children ages 3-12 in makeshift, outdoor classrooms.

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