Pave A Path – The Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurs



When social entrepreneurs come together, there is an opportunity for real, lasting change. However, we know that not all have equal opportunity to access a supportive network or the connections to career-driving resources. That’s why Social Enterprise Alliance is working to level the playing field, with the Pave A Path Scholarship Fund. The Pave A Path Scholarship Fund is a year-round fundraiser that helps provide SEA membership scholarships to emerging entrepreneurs who face barriers to opportunity. 

This year we raised enough funds to offer scholarships to 10 social entrepreneurs from across the country! These powerful recipients are making change in a variety of areas; providing support and relief for first responders suffering with PTSD, creating safe places for domestic violence survivors,  job opportunities for those on the autism spectrum and increasing reading accessibility for those with disabilities, to name a few. We are thrilled to welcome these social change-makers into the SEA community and can not wait to see how they grow and deepen their impact with the support they receive through SEA membership.


Our inaugural cohort of Pave A Path Scholarship recipients:



With an SEA membership, these emerging entrepreneurs will gain access to:

  • The leading national network of social enterprise leaders
  • SEA’s Mentorship Program connecting members with experienced social enterprise leaders for advice, guidance and support
  • SEA’s Office Hours Program, which offers dedicated time from experts in HR, legal, accounting/finance and other business management fields to assist with social enterprise operations
  • Chapter programs and activities
  • Exclusive, member-only discounts on events, professional services and other unique business offerings
  • Monthly webinars, as well as SEA’s webinar-archive, featuring insights from social enterprise leaders, investors and professionals
  • Insider knowledge about important social enterprise job opportunities, events, conferences and internships on SEA’s website and across SEA’s social channels
  • Research articles, videos, audio files and other helpful resources from SEA’s Knowledge Center

The benefits to joining a supportive peer network are invaluable in one’s career, and for social entrepreneurs, that supportive network means more opportunity to create lasting change. Read more about our first class of Scholarship recipients here.


Interested in Applying for a Scholarship?

Applications for the scholarship are accepted on a rolling basis and are available for minority entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and rural entrepreneurs, or those who face financial obstacles to joining SEA. Scholarship recipients for the Pave A Path Scholarship are chosen seasonally. View our eligibility criteria and apply here.


Want to Be a Part of the Change? 

Donations to the fund are accepted year round. When you donate to The Pave A Path Fund, you are helping to carve a pathway for emerging entrepreneurs to take a step forward in their career with confidence.


Let’s #PaveAPath together.