Our Partners recognize the unique opportunity for social enterprise to create lasting social change.


Who Partners with Social Enterprise Alliance?

Our Partners span across the United States and include entrepreneurs, philanthropists, leaders in the nonprofit sector, as well as innovative and visionary foundations and corporations. Our impact continues to grow as a result of the partnerships we build and maintain.

We are a community of individuals and organizations who believe there is an opportunity for social enterprise to utilize innovative business methods to challenge the status quo. We provide resources to increase the positive impact of member organizations, and cultivate a national network of social entrepreneurs who collaborate to develop solutions to pressing social problems our communities face.




SEA is a national membership organization for social enterprise in the U.S. We work with over 1,000 different members throughout the country, offering further engagement opportunities through our local chapters in 16 cities.


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Partner with Us

SEA Partners maximize the impact of their contribution by empowering and connecting with a community that is committed to leveraging social enterprise to make a measurable difference in society.


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SEA is the national membership organization for social enterprise in the U.S. We provide members with the resources, connections, and recognition they need to succeed.



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SEA is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Your contribution enables us to invest more in our member services and extend our reach across the country, expanding the sector of social enterprise and facilitating a network that is committed to social change.