We provide a two-year live-in vocational and life-skills training program for those who have hit rock bottom that teaches our participants how to live successful, productive lives free from the toxic and destructive behaviors of the past.

We do this in 3 ways.

1. We follow a model of “Each One Teach One”. Learning occurs as a member of our community with more time in the program begins to help, care for, and mentor a member with less time in the program. We do not rely on therapists or psychiatrists to cure us, but we rely upon each other in a highly structured family environment where honesty, trust and mutual self-help are the foundation of the treatment process.. The community is our doctor and our method of learning throughout the week, we work out the tensions of living and working together and reinforce healthy, productive behaviors.

2. We run training school businesses that are staffed and managed by our students. This allows our participants to learn on-the-job vocational skills, learn how to work together, and how to show up and work hard all day long. Work responsibilities are assigned that teach basic cooperation, respect and discipline. The revenues from these vocational schools pay the expenses for the program so we are not reliant upon the government for funding and it allows us to offer the program at no costs for participants.

3. We prepare students to successfully re-enter society. They work on getting their High School equivalency degree or other educational goals. As they spend more time at the school, they are given more responsibility, such as being a manager or crew leader for one of the businesses, as well gaining more privileges. The last portion of their tenure involves living on-site while working out in the community with a full-time job. This allows them a free place to live and consistent support while adjusting to life on the other side.

We are currently operating several vocational training schools run entirely by our students.  We are now covering 100% of our monthly operating costs from the revenues from these training schools.  One social enterprise that we run is The Other Side Movers, which is now the number one rated moving company in Salt Lake City, based upon Yelp, Thumbtack, and Home Advisor reviews.  Another training school is The Other Side Thrift Boutique, which we just launched in August of 2017.