Sew For Hope

Organization Type
  • Social Enterprise / Opportunity Employment
  • February 22nd, 2017


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Sew For Hope

Sew For Hope assists refugees and other marginalized groups of people in obtaining training in textiles, sewing, fashion and business for marketable skills for employment. Since resources such as supplies and machinery are essential to begin custom sewing businesses or obtain employment in the fashion industry, Sew For Hope believes it is vital for the participants in the program to have access to these resources. Because of this need for resources, at the end of a course of Basic Sewing training program, trainees are awarded their own sewing machine to begin a sewing business. They also receive a certificate of completion as evidence of their training to an employer or customer.  After successful completion of the Basic Sewing program, Sew For Hope also assists in matching some of their graduates to individuals or companies who request referrals for employment or custom sewing work.

Additionally, many marginalized groups are often fearful of venturing outside their familiar cultural community. Sew For Hope is a safe place where they can meet to learn from each other and better acclimate to an income producing lifestyle. Sew For Hope also provides assistance in learning English, providing community information for clients having trouble navigating healthcare, education, employment, and citizenship.

Sew For Hope exists to assist refugees and other marginalized groups of people in the United States to obtain marketable skills, equipment and supplies needed to begin an income producing lifestyle through work in the sewing, fashion and textile industry.