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  • August 14th, 2017


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Pink Elephant Products and Events L3C

Pink Elephant Products and Events L3C is a community-driven, triple bottom line social enterprise that manufactures eco-friendly, synthetic fragrance-free cleaning supplies and home care products, personal care products, and organic cosmetics. We provide environmentally friendly bulk-sized cleaning products and tools, breakroom supplies, and paper products to green cleaning services, co-working spaces, food service establishments, child care providers and offices, and we offer wholesale accounts to established retailers and salons. Product lines include hair care, dental care, infant care, feminine hygiene, paper products, and organic essential oils, as well as specialty cleaning products like graffiti remover, enzymatic drain opener, and white board cleaner. We offer custom promotional personal care products such as lip balms and hand sanitizers, ideal for trade shows, corporate and community events, and home-based direct sales businesses. We offer innovative recycling programs to help our customers and clients approach zero waste. We turn ‘unrecyclable’​ consumer product packaging like baby food pouches and water filter cartridges into dollars for our non-profit partners that focus on poverty, homelessness, and neighborhood revitalization in Detroit.

Profits support our innovative recycling programs and our educational programming.

Everyday Science for Kids is a community outreach program of Pink Elephant Products and Events L3C (PEPEL3C), and is is a member of both the National & Michigan Afterschool Associations.  The program meets after school and on weekends as part of the educational offerings and/or after school programming of community organizations and schools in various Detroit neighborhoods.  Kids will receive a binder of the materials covered in class, resources for further exploration, and a certificate of completion.  The program is completely free of charge for participating families.

The philosophy of our program is FUN FIRST. We get kids excited about science by focusing on the chemical reactions and scientific principles behind the things they are already familiar with in their everyday lives – consumer products like diapers, dishwashers, potato chips, laundry detergent, and frying pans present ideal opportunities to show kids that science is all around us and is so much more than just laboratories and lab coats and old men with white hair.  In our program, kids immediately see the relevance to their own lives of the scientific principles they’re learning because our starting point is something tangible that they’ve already experienced.   Kids DO science, and thereby come to understand that they themselves ARE scientists.

Our program is a great way to introduce how scientific concepts learned in school can be applied to careers and industry.  We show kids how professional scientists not only do things like discover gravity and travel in space, but also do things like formulate candy and food flavorings, shampoo, and cosmetics, and help make sure our cleaning products, canned food, and medicines are safe.