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  • November 17th, 2015


Field of Work
Market Reach

Nisolo means not alone.

As consumers, we are not alone in the world. We recognize that our small choices have a big impact somewhere else. As producers, we are not alone. We have access to the global market and fair compensation for our work. We are a team of makers, doers, and storytellers working together to facilitate a healthy connection between consumers and producers in the global marketplace.

Game Changing

Our game changing impact is about rethinking the way we do fashion.

The lack of transparency in today’s fashion industry has created a disconnect between consumers and producers. As a result, low wages and poor working conditions are widespread.

As a team, brand, and culture, we want to do fashion in a way that connects and benefits both consumers and producers. We operate a hand-up model that empowers makers in emerging economies by connecting them to the global marketplace in a responsible manner.

Life Changing

For our customers, we offer effortless style, modern luxury, and the ability to make purchases that change lives. The result?

>> Classic essentials, happy feet, and a lifestyle that matters.

For our producers, we facilitate international market access, pay above fair trade wages, offer skills training, and provide safe working conditions. The result?

>> Consistent employment, an average income increase of 300% per producer, improved living conditions, inaugural access to education and savings, and above all, dignity and empowerment.