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  • Social Enterprise / Opportunity Employment
  • March 9th, 2012
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Humanim is a nonprofit organization with a 46 year history of providing workforce development and support services to individuals with barriers to employment throughout Maryland.  Humanim’s mission is to support and empower individuals who face social or economic challenges by building pathways to economic equity, opportunity, and independence.  Our organization was founded on the belief that work is transformative, with the goal of creating economic equity for individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment.

Social entrepreneurialism is a cornerstone of our corporate values, and a guiding strategic principal.  The Humanim Social Enterprise Division not only creates jobs, but create economic opportunity for ancillary business development for community members.

The Social Enterprise Division has the goals of:

  • Wealth building for low-income and minority individuals
  • Small business development
  • Skill building and workforce placement for those with barriers to employment
  • Job creation; and
  • Supply chain connections to empower small business owners and grow the local economy

The individuals we target for employment/training experience barriers such as:

  • Former incarceration
  • Chronic unemployment or underemployment
  • Long term poverty
  • Limited education or certified skills
  • Disabilities

Our business strategy has been to operate within industry clusters and to grow deeply within each sector, maximizing both business and social impact opportunities along the supply chain.  Each of our social impact businesses operate within an ecosystem of corporate and community partners that strengthen the local economy, while protecting small, minority businesses and creating opportunities for community members, through workforce training and job creation.  This ecosystem approach yield high financial and social returns by leveraging market forces to lift communities up instead of pushing them out.

Today, Humanim runs four Baltimore-based social impact businesses in the culinary, construction, reuse and document imaging industries – all of which are committed to our mission of training and hiring individuals with barriers to employment.