Greyston Bakery

  • November 23rd, 2015
Market Reach
Greyston Bakery

The country’s leading social enterprise since 1982, Greyston has provided individuals in Southwest Yonkers, NY with employment skills and resources to lift them out of poverty. Greyston’s unique combination of Open Hiring at the world famous Greyston Bakery, Pathmaking and other social services offers a roadmap to assist individuals and families in visualizing their paths to self-sufficiency. Greyston’s mindfully-rooted philosophy fuels a commitment to human growth and potential and addresses some of the most challenging problems facing our country today.

Greyston Bakery is the company that makes the delicious brownie inclusions for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors like Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ and Half Baked®. You can also find Greyston’s signature brownies as the Whole Planet Brownie at participating Whole Foods Markets and for purchase on Greyson Bakery is a nationally recognized social enterprise and the first New York Benefit Corporation.