Wildlife Works

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  • Social Enterprise / Opportunity Employment
  • October 25th, 2013

New York City

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Wildlife Works

Fountain House, a 501©3 non-profit community organization, launched a social enterprise initiative in 2014. Since inception, the initiative has incubated 6 social enterprises that employ over 100 people living with serious mental illness. These businesses successfully target niche markets by providing high-quality services at competitive rates, attracting a growing client base in New York City.

The Social Enterprises include Jack Rabbit Deliveries (outdoor messenger service delivering clients’ food to customers); Bluebird Designs (outdoor landscaping and floral designs); BeeWell (peer specialist service); Fountain: House and Body (brick and mortar retail soap shop); RockDove Industrial Services (indoor messenger service); and Wildlife Works (back-office and administrative support for other Fountain House social enterprises).

Members who have experienced many barriers to employment have an opportunity to enter the workforce and obtain invaluable marketable job skills; establish relationships with co-workers and customers; and prepare to seek full-time jobs beyond social enterprise positions.