Founded in 1990, Community Housing Partnership (CHP) is the only San Francisco nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to providing permanent, supportive housing to formerly homeless individuals and families. Community Housing Partnership offers a rich menu of case management, addiction recovery services, mental-health care, social support networks, job training and employment – building skills for independent living and providing opportunities to become reintegrated into the fabric of one’s community. Its singular focus and unique approach have made CHP into a national model for the solution of homelessness – with the highest success rate of any comparable supportive housing provider in the country.

Community Housing Partnership builds success. The chronically unemployed become model employees. People who have lived on the streets now lead as community activists. Families torn apart by hardship find stability again. And by involving tenants in every facet of the organization, people who were once homeless now become the solution to end homelessness. In fact, more than half of CHP’s staff were formerly homeless. Plain and simple, it’s change that works.

An astounding 98% of our tenants never live a life on the streets again. Now that’s success.