Who are SEA Members?

Who is in the Social Enterprise Alliance network?

While Social Enterprise Alliance primarily exists to serve social enterprises, the membership is as diverse as the movement itself. Our network include social enterprises, social enterprise enthusiasts and sector champions.

Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are organizations that address a basic unmet need or solve a social or environmental problem through a market-driven approach. Social enterprises span the spectrum of nonprofit to for-profit entities. SEA recognizes three general social enterprise models:

  • Transformative Products or Services: organizations that create social or environmental impact through innovative products and services.

Social Enterprise Enthusiasts & Sector Champions

SEA also recognizes that there are others in the field who are ready and able to support the movement. Therefore, we also welcome social enterprise enthusiasts and sector champions into our network.

  • Social enterprise enthusiasts are individuals seeking to learn more about social enterprise, meet like-minded colleagues and gain exposure to the field. They include social entrepreneurs, academics, students, business professionals, donors and more.
  • Sector champions are intermediary organizations that have programs, products and/or services that are designed to support the work of social enterprises and build the field. Examples include investors, philanthropic institutions, consulting, legal and financial firms, as well as academic institutions.

Browse our organization directory to explore the SEA membership for yourself and learn more about our membership offerings here.