Susan Mills is an entrepreneurial executive experienced in business leadership, strategic planning, market positioning, teamwork and operations planning and execution. Her expertise extends from concept and funding through hands-on organization start-up, partnering, market entry, business growth and IPO, M&A or other diversification. Today, Susan applies her skills primarily to socially-relevant business, community and multi-stakeholder initiatives and economic development opportunities.

2017 – 2007 Principal/founder Well Connected Partners.  Management consulting specializing in developing  community-collaborative business models.  Helped 10+ small entrepreneurs open businesses in Oakland between 2010 and 2015. Relocated WCP to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2016.

2016-2007 CEO/Founder EASE Initiative. Headed concept design and development of a large-initiative software platform paired with a social enterprise business model to generate ongoing commerce-based funding for purpose-specific global initiatives.  (EASE closed in 2016.)

Between 2005 and 1985, Susan helped shape the emerging global computer-telephony market, providing industry leadership and business strategy to over 200 companies

·  2005 -1991 CEO/Founder, Technology Marketing Partners. Assisted 200+ start-up and world leading clients including AT&T’s Lucent IPO, BellCorp’s transition to Telcordia, Polycom from concept to market leader

·  1988-1990 Director/Marketing, Aristacom. Achieved market leadership for the first commercial computer/telephony software application, tapping Susan’s experience with both data and voice industries.  This was the precursor to all-digital services like today’s intelligent mobile phone

·  1988-1985 Founder/CEO Mills Advertising. Full service advertising agency focused on the AT&T/Bell divestiture and resulting RBOCs and CLECs. Guided clients through the turbulent, uncertain and unpredictable times of the breakup of AT&T monopoly – providing Susan direct experience in the new telecom market.

·  1980-1985 Product Manager Economic Sciences Corporation. ESC provided analytic services based upon a macro-economic model of the US economy – delivered via IBM mainframe services, giving Susan a deep understanding of data processing

Prior to entering high technology in 1980, Susan served as a journalist with TIME, INC in the Washington, D.C. bureau and spent two years in SE Asia (1970-72). Susan also headed marketing for the San Francisco Newspaper Agency (SF Chronicle and SF Examiner) for one year.

Between 1985 and 2005, Susan served as founder, executive chair and board member of numerous national (US) industry organizations including: MultiMedia Telecommunications Association, North American Telecommunications Association, Telecommunications Industry Association.  She has been recognized with numerous industry awards associated with her leadership of the development of the computer/telephony market.


Susan builds solutions that 1) tap and leverage current online/mobile and network tools, 2) incorporate commercial partnerships and models in ways that sustain social-purpose funding and 3) provide performance accountability that gives donors, investors and communities visibility into accomplishments and impact.


St. Mary’s College MBA

American University SIS MA

Centre College BA