Steven Klass



Steven Klass

Only business has the power to save the world.   Most people in our world spend most of their time and creative energy in commercial settings. With the majority of money and physical resources being channeled through business, all other institutions are dependent upon  business for their well-being:  government, nonprofits and faith organizations.

If most human life is lived in business, shouldn’t we strive to make business the central place where human development and the integrity of the web of life are nurtured?  Moving from a fortune economy to a purpose economy is the highest priority for human survival.  I want to meet and work with colleagues who can help me to learn how to lead, contribute and participate in efforts that can most effectively accelerate this necessary transition

I have recently demonstrated these values by starting a nonprofit organization, P3 Utah:  Business for People, Planet and Profit; and helping to enable the registration of benefit corporations by my state’s government.  Both of these actions are directed at supporting the choice of reform by businesses themselves.  I focus my life now on transforming the larger incentives in business, from solely the pursuit of profit to owners, to the pursuit of benefit for society and the environment.   I continue to offer capacity-building consulting to government, nonprofit and faith-based organizations but I insist that all organizations reach for the same high triple bottom line standard:  a positive net impact on society and the environment.