Robert G Clark



Robert G Clark

Bobby is the Founder and President of Sustainable Business Ventures (SBV), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that provides training to low-income youth and difficult-to-employ individuals including ex-offenders. SBV has developed a unique Green Entrepreneur Program that has been successfully piloted in 19 Kentucky counties and the Ohio Environmental Education Fund provided funding for a pilot in a prison in Ohio. SBV’s “green” programs were federally funded by the Bluegrass Workforce Investment Board and the Lincoln Trail Workforce Investment Board.

Lexington Herald – Business Monday on Sustainability October 20, 2014 Interview of Bobby Clark by Tom Martin: article – click here and Podcast – podcast – click here

Bobby is leading the Rebuilding West Liberty Initiative ( which is a multi-faceted approach to redevelop a small town in coal country as a national model for sustainability, was announced as a Clinton Global Initiative America Commitment to Action. The project, which was developed through a comprehensive strategic planning process involving community leaders and prominent state non-profits, will be managed by the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE). Rather than view this crisis as a hopeless tragedy, the 3400 residents instead saw an opportunity to rebuild their town as a 21st Century, sustainable community, and to develop a path to create a more competitive, entrepreneurial economy. From the heart of coal country, West Liberty could provide a replicable, energy-diversified model for post-disaster recovery communities across the globe, and – perhaps more significantly – an example for other distressed areas of rural America.

Bobby is a member of  the Unlimited Carbon Assistance Network (U-CAN) is a L3C companies are for-profit social enterprises that operate with a socially beneficial purpose and do not have a goal to maximize profits. These are hybrid organization that combine the benefits of a traditional LLC and the social benefits of a nonprofit (

Bobby is coordinating a public/private partnership to establish a Pilot Sustainability District in NuLu (click here) in Louisville. The initial stakeholders include the NuLu Business Association, Metro Louisville Office of Sustainability, Louisville Downtown Partnership, University of Louisville (UofL), Nucleus Innovation Parks, UofL Urban Design, The Green Building – LEED Platinum Studio, Louisville Metro Department of Economic Growth and Innovation; and Partnership for a Green City, and the Louisville Sustainability Council.

Bobby is chair of Bluegrass Tomorrow’s Bluegrass Forever Green Program ( The Bluegrass Forever Green Sustainability Summit was held on October 14, 2014 (Video Part 1 – click here and Video Part 2 – click here)
Goal of Summit: To share information and best practices focusing on maximizing the collective impact of regional governments, organizations, non-profits, educational institutions and businesses dedicated to environmental sustainability and improving quality of life and economic development as an end product. Organizers: Bluegrass Tomorrow, which works to connect the 18-county region on programs and projects that advance our quality of life, and Bluegrass Greensource, a regional organization that focuses on educating the region on environmental responsibility and sustainability. Focus: In the Bluegrass Region protecting our precious Bluegrass Soils and Land Conservation is front and center as we define sustainability along with Local Food & Products, Clean Water, Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation & Efficiency, Outdoor Recreation & Green Spaces, Waste & Recycling, and Transportation.

Kentucky College & University Carbon
Midwest Clean Energy Enterprise (MCEE) has worked with the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) to launch the Kentucky College and University Carbon Consortium (KCUC2). KCUC2 is a consortium focused on mitigating climate impacts. The four founding colleges and universities are Berea College, Centre College, University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University.

Bobby is Director of Business Development  & Regulations of Kentucky Sustainable Business The Kentucky Sustainable Business Council (KySBC) is an advocacy network initiative of the Kentucky Environmental Foundation (KEF), in collaboration with the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) that seeks to increase the ability of business owners and organizations to act effectively in advocacy roles and to support their advocacy actions related to policies that impact the sustainability of their communities and public policy and the local, state and federal levels.

Bobby is also co-founder of Midwest Clean Energy Enterprise LLC, founder of a publishing company that was sold after 25 years and co-founder of the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Served as a lobbyist for a Fortune 500 energy company and business development for a knowledge information management company; served as a small business advocate and leadership roles at the national, state and local levels. He has training and experience in organizing stakeholder meetings and has been trained as a facilitator by a national facilitation training company.