Robin Koskinen



Robin Koskinen

Seasoned C-level executive with a proven successful track record

High-level, intuitive strategic thinker

Risk-affinitive entrepreneur

Breadth of traditional business experience — Investment Banking; securities/derivatives underwriting, trading, sales and marketing; market risk management; credit risk management; back office operations; technology; legal; human resources

Breadth of traditional education/training experience — Special education; online education; public vs. public charter vs. private vs. home schooling; PK-12 vs. higher ed. vs. continuing education; education funding; for profit providers; corporate training; education research; regulatory environments

Breadth of working environments — Domestic and international firms; headquarters and branch office assignments; large, established incumbents and entrepreneurial startups; for profit and hybrid business models

Leadership style – Ethical; mission-driven; open/transparent; team building; consensus building; collaborative; Total Quality Management (TQM)

Political style – “Truth arises from argument among friends.” – David Hume

Financial objective – Do well by doing good; pursue hybrid business models; find ethical ways to prioritize societal benefits equal to or above benefits to shareholders; support myself and my wife for as long as we need.

Career objective – Making meaningful contributions to society; democratize education on a global basis; transform funding for social ventures; become a force for disruption of the status quo.