Patrick Woodyard



Patrick Woodyard

Patrick is the Co-Founder & CEO of Nisolo. Patrick graduated from the Croft Institute for International Studies and Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College at the University of Mississippi, where he studied Global Economics & Business, Latin American Studies, and Spanish. His experience using business as a force for good has led him across the globe—ranging from Kenya and Uganda to Argentina and Peru. While working for a microfinance firm in Trujillo, Peru, Patrick was introduced to the Peruvian footwear industry made up of over 100,000 shoemakers who possess remarkable talent yet lack access to consistent work, fair-wages, and brand access to established international markets. Having had extensive exposure to such potential juxtaposed with a lack of access in other developing countries, Patrick created Nisolo with the vision to push the fashion industry in a new direction by positioning Nisolo as one of the first scalable brands to deliver a superior yet ethically produced product to consumers.