Misty Castaneda


Los Angeles

Misty Castaneda

Hi, I’m Misty, founder of For Purpose Kids! I’m a Mom with a purpose- to teach and inspire my son and other young kids to make the world a better place through giving back and volunteering…or in kid lingo, to be kind and do good for others, animals & the planet.

When my son was born in 2016, all I could think was, “What type of world would he grow up in”? As the answer seemed a bit unsettling, I got to work. My creative team & I developed 5 multi-cultural For Purpose FriendsĀ  to teach kids about being kind and doing good in conjunction with fun and interactive toolkits that would inspire ideas and activities that 5-10 year old kids could do on their own to make the world a better place. And with that, For Purpose Kids was born.

With a background in early childhood education and as a passionate global volunteer, it was a dream come true for me to cultivate toolkits & design activity guides that would be simple & easy-to-use for parents yet fun and engaging for young kids. For me and with For Purpose Kids, it’s all about planting the seeds of kindness, compassion and doing good at a young age- it’s truly never too early to start teaching these concepts. So we look forward to you and your kids joining us to Be Kind, Do Good & Make the World Better!