Marc Loveless



Marc Loveless

Marc Loveless is a Civic Citizen that is Publicly Engaged in Social Justice. He is a member of Community Advisory Board Chicago Public Radio,Human Rights Award from Creativity United,Recipient of the Drum Major Call To Service award by President Barack Obama and a member of theBoard of Directors of Chicago Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA)–an association of enterprising nonprofits and social-purpose businesses.He also is a member of the Board of Directors of the Illinois Common Cause, Board of Directors National Action Network(NAN),Organizer Southside Democracy For America(DFA).He was a member of the leadership team that passed the Quality of Life Illinois Scratch-off Lottery Ticket.This act created a new stream of funding for HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

He is the Executive Director of the Coalition for Justice and Respect(CJR),a African-American Same Gender Loving Black Lesbian and Gay social justice and civil rights organization in Chicago.Founder of the Bolder Than Out Social Justice and Civil Rights Identity Conference of Black African-American Same Gender Loving LGBTQ.He is a 2009 recipient of the Trailblazer award from Father’s Who Care and the Hope&Spirit Award from Chicago Department of Public Health.He is a member of University of Chicago Committee South Side Health&Vitality Initiative and a Steering Committee member of the Chicago Green Festival.

He is the Principle Consultant of Loveless Consulting a social marketing firm specializing in public policy, civil rights&social justice.He is the former Interim National Director of Community Services Department for the RainbowPUSHCoalition and advisor to Reverend Jesse L.Jackson, Sr.Marc is a founding member of Black Health Alert (BHA) a watchdog organization created to raise public and political awareness to advocate for social justice in Black Communities.As the BHA political director of the passage of theAfrican-American HIV/AIDS ResponseAct.He is the first openly Gay elected official in theState of Illinois.