High Garden Herbal + Tea Craft is much more than just tea.  Its a way to preserve our heritage of herbalism as well as love for the land that we all call home.

Our products are more than items, they are creations that grew out of years of study hoping to shine light on the power and benefit that is within the world of plants.  Herbalism which supported our species for millennia was shut into darkness in the past century, but because of those who carried the wisdom through, we are able to do our small piece in reviving it back to light.  It is an invaluable piece of our existence.  It is not our mission to just sell tea.  It is our mission to re familiarize others with the plant wisdom instinctually held and encourage curiosity to learn more.  Once the gateway to the plant path has been approached, we offer more stepping stones onto the natural path with educational offerings.

We offer accessible herbal and nature-based education including free herbal information on our website, YouTube RootWise Herbalism Program, PlantFolk herb school offering sliding scale and scholarship opportunities, free nature programs in our community, social media information, and an upcoming “For the Love of Herbalism” podcast which will be a free herbal education resource.  Every person reconnecting to nature is another protecting the wellbeing of our shared home.  Not everyone is meant to, or needs to be an herbalist, but every person has an instinctual relationship with plants and we hope to nurture that as much as possible.

We try very hard to do right by the earth in all of our decisions as a business (and people).  Such things include minimally packaging our products in earth conscious packaging and only purchasing ethically wildcrafted, organic or locally naturally grown herbs.  We will not pay profit to those spraying harmful chemicals on the soil that provides us life.

We use 5% of all profits to “rescue” at-risk land.  Particularly woodlands at-risk for being timbered or developed and are offering habitat to uncountable plant and animal beings.  We keep the land in its natural form and then work with a chosen local non profit to share this land with the community in a good way for all involved; people, plant and animal.  We cannot do this work alone so we offer “free land lease” for minimum 3 years to this chosen non profit with the agreement that the forest remain a safe haven for the wild lives.  Some examples of work done on the preserved land is and will be: Local wildlife rehabilitators releasing wildlife back to the land and leading educational walks for the public to better understand the need for natural spaces in our community.  Youth programs having access to teaching space and land for nature based wellness programs for high potential/low resource youth.  Forest farming education for interested land owners in efforts to save land from timbering for cash.  Working with forest farming programs to offer access to land for those in need, teaching forest farming practices and offering space to make an income.

Through preserving the culture of herbalism and plant wisdom keeping, we have found a way to preserve forests that house our larger family.  For this, we are grateful.