L. Brian Jenkins



L. Brian Jenkins

L. Brian Jenkins, Founder and President of Entrenuity, NFP and StartingUp Now Business Solutions, Inc., has successfully provided entrepreneurship education, training and small business development for over 20 years in Chicago, nationally, and abroad.

Under Brian’s leadership, both organizations have successfully launched businesses that have generated over millions of dollars in revenue and helped countless entrepreneurs with their business plan development. Brian has led entrepreneurship training workshops for teachers and youth workers and is directly responsible for training thousands of urban young people in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and financial literacy, in addition to teaching character/integrity based business operations.

In 2016, Brian launched mox.E, a co-work space and business incubator dedicated to coaching, connecting and capitalizing, particularly minority entrepreneurs. Mox.E’s mission is to build a strong business-focused community that supports ethnic diversity and fosters the spirit of entrepreneurial collaboration for success.

In Jan 2018, Entrenuity purchased Overflow Coffee Bar, located in the same building as the Entrenuity offices at 1550 S State Street in Chicago, from founders Brandon and Amanda Neely. The purchase fit with Entrenuity’s expanded mission for 2018 of not only launching new businesses, but also developing existing businesses in the community. These ventures create employment, skills training and real-time opportunities for entrepreneurs, while increasing sustainability for existing businesses and Entrenuity.

Entrenuity upholds Overflow’s commitment to using ethically sourced products as much as possible and to building community. More than just not doing harm, we seek to add value to the world by actively doing good in and through our community–starting right here with our employees, vendors, customers, neighbors and visitors, and then expanding our circle of influence through them. We specifically want to do this while offering everyone who comes through Overflow’s doors an exceptional coffee experience.

Brian has served as adjunct faculty at Moody Bible Institute, Illinois State University’s College of Business, The Urban Ministry Institute inWichita, KS and at North Park University’s School of Adult Learning, focusing on entrepreneurship education. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Religion. Additionally, he earned his Masters of Arts in Theology from Wheaton College Graduate School and is the author of StartingUp Now: 24 Steps to Launch Your Own Business. Brian has been married for 23 years to Dr. Jenai Jenkins and they’ve been blessed with 3 children: Bria (21), Braxton (18), and Brooke (10). Brian and his family live in the Austin Community on Chicago’s west side.