Hi! My name is Kyle Gaarder. My energy comes from connecting big ideas and taking action. Here are two areas I’m putting my energy:

  1. We can (I’ve lived it!) fight the isolation epidemic with co-living, re-villaging, even social enterprise houses
  2. The health of earth and our society is in question. I believe we all want to be the ‘good one’ in our story, but it’s hard to focus on the planet or the animal world or the left/right divide or the male/female divide when we need to focus on paying rent, sleeping at night, getting past anxiety/depression, or even putting food on the table. Basically, we humans will serve our needs first, and their are a lot of them…to take a page from Maslow’s Hierarchy, there are physiological, safety, love/belonging, and esteem needs (at least for some cultures). I believe we as a species are good at finding solutions to these needs, but are bad at giving access, awareness, and time for people to find these solutions. This is the space I want to work in. I believe the end result could be more humans being able to focus externally, on solutions for the health of our planet and society. More people having time to figure out how to be the hero in their journey.

If you have dots to connect, reach out! If you disagree, change my mind & reach out!