Karen James Cody



Karen James Cody

We are writers here. The original content writing we develop for social enterprises and other mission-driven brands helps them maintain strategic focus, publish consistently, and stand out in the marketplace of products and ideas.

OUR CLIENT is a social enterprise, nonprofit, or other small business that’s out to make a difference in the world with its products and services. They practice sustainability in many aspects of their business. They maintain an empowering workplace culture in which people thrive. Finally, they act with integrity as corporate citizens, supporting communities outside, as well as inside, their organizations.
OUR TEAM is diverse. Like everything nature. We are well positioned to help our equally diverse client base maintain both the quality and the quantity of content they need to be successful online. Our original content writing for social enterprises targets the right people in the right ways, and converts prospects into customers.
OUR BRAND is based in the consistent delivery of top-quality original content writing and persuasive public communications for mission-driven brands.