Karen James Cody



Karen James Cody

In November 2015, I launched KUPENDIZA, a social enterprise marketing company that partners with women’s collectives around the world to offer high-quality, everyday luxury handbags, bags, pocketbooks, and purses. We currently sell

We began selling the beautiful beaded handbags from the African Women & Youth Initiative in Nakuru, Kenya and Global Borders in Nandi, Kenya; and kanga and kitenge cotton wristlets and yoga mat bags from the Tanzanian collective Bahari Deco Crafts, based in Maryland. Recent additions to the partnership include Le Look Bags of Lagos, Nigeria and Hannah’s Leather and Craft of Georgetown, Guyana (South America). All are women’s organizations and most serve a particular social purpose over and above income and skills development for the workers.

We honor the principles of Fair Trade and ethical fashion, buying directly from the artisans at the prices they set. We do not “white label,” but market under the Kupendiza brand.

My professional background includes marketing communications; media relations & publicity; strategic communications planning; crisis communications; business, academic, technical, and fiction writing; social media planning and management; work with non-profit boards; and financial services.