Jennifer Norman


Los Angeles

Jennifer Norman

Jennifer Norman is a beauty and wellness industry executive-turned-entrepreneur. After receiving her MBA from Georgetown University, she went on to pursue a 20+ year career working for large companies, mid-level indie brands and small startups. With omnichannel experience across cosmetics, skincare, haircare, hair color, natural topicals and ingestibles, she’s considered one of the most strategic and creative minds in the business.

During her career, Jennifer became privy to many highs and lows of beauty industry practices.  Far too often, she witnessed management decisions that valued profits and short-term gains over people, safety and honesty. She decided it was time to start her own business that would truly put people first.

According to Jennifer, the global beauty industry needs a wakeup call. Too many people still suffer from low self-esteem. Too many products still contain harmful ingredients. Too many natural resources are still wasted in production. Too many people still feel marginalized, underrepresented, prejudiced and discriminated against. Jennifer believes we can, and must, do better.

Jennifer recognizes that her life is owed to the kindness and compassion of others. She was adopted into a loving family at the age of two, and she is also the single mom of a boy living with chronic illness and disability. Today, Jennifer has made it her purpose to foster inclusivity and support others with wellness, kindness, inspiration and trust.