Jackie Abramian

Jackie Abramian

As a PR, Social Media Marketing executive with more than 20 years’ experience, I design and implement integrated, multi-media communications campaigns for clients in technology, energy, social enterprises, NGOs, non-profits, the arts, natural remedy sectors among others. I’ve worked with such organizations as  National Institutes of Health (Nat. Institute of Mental Health – Clinical Depression Campaign), U.S. FDA (New Food Label), American Cancer Society (Anti-Tobacco Campaign), Solar Energy Business Association of New England, U.S. Postal Services as well as such social enterprises as Damascus Concepts, Democracy Today, Armenoid Productions among others.  I’m passionate about promoting social entrepreneurship and impact investments through Social Enterprise Development and Brand Awareness Campaigns, PR & Social Media Marketing, Social Marketing Strategies, Content Marketing, Design and implementation of national media events and Media Messaging. I’ve earned my clients media coverage in top tier national and international media outlets helping build brand awareness and shift public opinions of various issues.

I’m the Founder of:

Global Cadence – Empowering Social Enterprise with PR and Social Marketing strategies –

Artists At War – Multi-media platform offering interviews with artists living in war zones or in exile due to wars and conflicts

Haley Art Gallery – An art gallery, gift shop, co-working space showcasing handmade artisanal gift items by marginalized women in various cottage industries and social enterprises around the world.