Ingrid is a single-income single-mom, a Seattle native and a corporate activist.

In January of 2018, Ingrid launched Talent Savant, the world’s first “for the benefit of the employee” staffing firm. The company’s mission is to retain 6 months of operating budget and put all the rest of income back into the employees.

As of March 2018, Talent Savant has 85 recruiters all over the nation in every vertical and is rapidly growing, with plans to expand internationally by Q4 2018.

Ingrid and Talent Savant was the only start up to be recognized in Mogul Magazine’s Top 100 Innovators in Diversity and Inclusion for 2018.

Talent Savant is radically Pro-Human, Pro-Woman, Pro-Family and Pro-Veteran. The recruiters work remotely so they offer flex schedules for people with real lives and keep overhead low.

Talent Savant’s fees are the lowest in the industry and totally transparent. We offer 10% direct hire and are excited to align with other socially-conscious companies.