Greg Doepke, CAP®, CFP®



Greg Doepke, CAP®, CFP®

As an advisor in philanthropy and social entrepreneur,  Greg provides tailored guidance for smart and effective charitable giving for individuals, families, and business owners. Specifically, Greg is an avid supporter and advocate for place-based impact investing and social entrepreneurship to solve community social and environmental problems.  

For individuals and families, Greg ensures their desire to make a difference has maximum local community social impact; while creating lasting personal and multi-generational family legacies.  For business owners, Greg helps them align their corporate and personal values with their charitable business to engage and connect more effectively with their employees, customers, and the local community.

Smart, impactful, charitable giving may include a multitude of choices:   What to give?  How to give?  When to give?  Who to give to? and  How much to give?   From this menu of choices, we identify and review specific charitable giving options.  Tailored traditional and leading-edge philanthropic tools such as impact investing may then be employed to meet defined community social impact goals.