My name is a Rev. Daesun and I am minister of Won Buddhism as well as the outreach coordinator at the Won Dharma Center. I graduated from West Chester University majoring in Liberal Arts and earned an online M.A. degree in Psychology with an interest in Positive Psychology at the Walden University. In addition, he earned his M.A. in Won Buddhist Studies at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA.

Along with a passion to practice and teach mind cultivation practices in a practical way for the busy, my dream is to establish an online contemplative social business school that employs roleplaying as the central vehicle for learning how to create a social business using the Holacracy organizing practice. I want people, from all margins of our society, to have a place to go to not only learn about how to start a social business, but how to become mind practitioners foster a spiritual/contemplative culture for their social business. So when it comes to skill-sets, I am proficient in Buddhism and Psychology with a personal practice in positive psychology. Also, I am a certified Holacracy practitioner with aspirations to become a Holacracy coach by Fall 2018 as well as to become a Yoga teacher by 2019.  I am also proficient in table top roleplaying and would like to explore this innovative educational model of creating characters and roleplaying them as they learn social business and other eastern and western practices also through simulation.