Bettie Kirkland



Bettie Kirkland

Project Return is solely dedicated to the people who are returning from incarceration, for whom employment is the primary but terribly elusive key to success. They are motivated job seekers with dire need for stability and income, facing nearly insurmountable odds after prison. PROe is Project Return’s social enterprise that provides immediate, post-prison work. Through PROe, Project Return acts as a temporary staffing agency, securing employment agreements with businesses, who pay fees that cover labor and program operating costs. Project Return screens eligible participants and becomes the employer of record. Project Return participants who are hired through PROe gain income, work experience, training and coaching, references, newly honed skills, the ability to be right on the job, and greatly reduced odds of returning to prison. The program offers a value to employers through its top-notch service, generates revenue to fuel Project Return’s signature services, and strengthens the community.