Camphill Soltane cultivates and strengthens inclusive communities by advocating alongside people with disabilities. Camphill Soltane is a non-profit organization and a member of the international Camphill Movement. We integrate adults with intellectual disabilities into our initiatives with the intention to support an individual’s connection with oneself and others.

We provide paid employment and volunteer opportunities to adults with disabilities in Chester County, PA. In addition to work, our enriching art, craft, horticultural and educational initiatives are engaged in by the nearly 50 people with intellectual disabilities supported by Parzival, a human services provider founded by Camphill Soltane. Camphill Soltane maintains a strong relationship with Parzival, and also welcomes people with disabilities supported through other agencies to participate in our community and initiatives.

Soltane\’s Enterprises offer pathways for personal and professional development. We own and operate three social enterprises designed to offer fully integrated vocational opportunities within the local Phoenixville, PA community, and we also have many land-based opportunities through our Soltane Horticulture enterprise on our beautiful campus in Glenmoore.