Feel like you’re the best kept secret in the world? You know your tribe is out there, but haven’t quite found them yet? You know what you offer is the real deal, but don’t have the level of results to show for it?

I know it sucks.  I was there myself. But I turned my business around, and now I’m here to help you do the same.

I’m here to empower you, as a next generation global leader. I help mission driven entrepreneurs and conscious businesses create more freedom and money to live the dream lifestyle you so crave through our signature group coaching business accelerator Attract Clients Now. My vision is to create a new normal economy based on the “quadruple bottom line” of people, planet, profit, and presence.

I sold my first conscious business, InsideOut Investing, a socially responsible financial planning practice, in five years for double what is was worth. As a broke art major with zero connections, experience, or money, I hustled like crazy to build the business from scratch, tripling my net income in two years,  grossing six figures by age 23. It wasn’t easy and made a ton of mistakes along the way.

After seven years of coaching over 500 mission driven leaders,  organizing over 300+ social impact events, completing over 6,920 hours of coaching and personal growth, training and development, and investing $28,750 in hiring the best business coaches and online business coaching programs–I’ve distilled all this down into a step by step system so you don’t have to waste your time making the mistakes, failures, and yes–let’s face it–unnecessary suffering that I experienced constantly doubting myself with Imposter’s Syndrome to be where I am today.

Now I’m on a mission to help my clients like Chris accelerate his business growing revenue from $0/month to $30K/month in two years, while living his dream lifestyle chaperoning for his two kids, being a soccer coach, and helping his wife work less so they can have more fun and freedom.  

I give back through helping build the social enterprise eco-system serving on the Social Enterprise Alliance WA State Board and interviewing inspiring thought leaders through my You Tube channel Social Impact TV and as Founder of TEDxBellevue and Creativity Symposium.  For six years, I was 1 of 190 Self Expression and Leadership Program Leaders on faculty for a $90 million global social enterprise coaching 10-12 coaches over four months, impacting hundreds of participants to create community passion projects and live a life they love.

My most crowning accomplishments (no pun intended) are water birthing my son, Eli, who is now 6 in Kindergarten and celebrating 15 years with my best friend and boat-loving husband Leo. Our family lives in the Greater Seattle area in the small town of Poulsbo. I LOVE dancing, Taekwondo, and energy healing–which I love to integrate into our business accelerator community. Why do something if it’s not fun?! And yes, that’s me if you’ve seen my face on billboards, trains, on TV commercials.  

Are you a conscious entrepreneur hungry to scale your impact, make loads of money, while having fun, freedom, and joy along the way? Here is a proven, step by step way to attract clients now, with a seasoned business coach who’s got your back, while getting supported by a community of social entrepreneurs on the same journey as you. Yes, I want to Attract Clients Now.