Anna Sun Choi, TEDx Speaker, Forbes Author, and Business Energy Coach is the Founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of Conscious Business Coaching causing a tipping point in elevating humanity’s consciousness by guiding conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders to master their energy, magnify their presence, and find peace in chaos. 

With nearly two decades of business experience coaching hundreds of conscious business leaders in areas from leadership to performance to time management–she found the source of most challenges was a misalignment of one’s energy at the level of body, heart, mind, or soul. 

Trained as a martial artist, body and brain yoga instructor, and international brain education leader, Anna now helps the high achieving, visionary business leaders grow in flow, align their energy, and embody yin-based leadership for themselves and their teams

As a broke art major with zero experience, connections, or knowledge she started her first financial planning business, InsideOut Investing, grossing six figures by age 25–but was burned out. She sold her business to start a family as a full time stay at home mom. Two years later, she was ready to get back to work, and her husband became a full time stay at home dad.

She then went from living on food stamps with 70K in debt as the sole breadwinner to being debt free grossing six figures again as a business energy coach, now helping her clients of conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders grow in flow. 

Anna currently serves as a Kitsap Community Foundation Ambassador, Advisory Member for Bremerton-Kitsap Access Television, Founding 40 Member of Vibe Coworks, and served on Olympic College’s Advisory Board for Business Management. 

She founded the Conscious Leadership Foundation through Kitsap Community Foundation that trains teachers on mindfulness, creative movement, and emotional awareness to transform kid’s learning environments one low income school at a time. 

Anna’s proudest accomplishment is water birthing her son, Eli who is now 9 years old. She married her best friend Leo celebrating 17 years together and lives in Poulsbo.She also enjoys ukulele singing, dancing, cooking, nature, and you might see her face on billboards, trains, or BECU commercials.

If you’re interested in growing in flow, learn more at