Allison Yacht



Allison Yacht

Allison Yacht is the founder and executive director of BraveHoods.  BraveHoods is a one-for-one non-profit organization that gifts hooded apparel to kids with cancer.  To date, BraveHoods has donated over 3000 BraveHoods to kids all over the country.

BraveHoods was founded after Yacht’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age 5.  She had an aggressive cancer and was bald for a year.  During that year, the hardest part was being bald – she had a hard time going anywhere except the hospital and our home.  Finally, after searching and searching, we found that a simple, lightweight hoodie helped her to feel better because she was able to control who could see her bald little head.  This made being out and about easier for her.  Once she was feeling better, we wanted to help other kids going through cancer treatment and BraveHoods was born.

Prior to BraveHoods, Allison was a database consultant for 10 years.   She lives with her husband, kids and black lab in Longmont.