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Inspire and engage immigrant workers in
catapulting their social and economic inclusion

The ideal candidate has intimate knowledge of low-income Latino immigrant communities and stellar leadership and communication skills. This position organizes day laborers and domestic workers for operating a call center, negotiating jobs with employers and engaging workers in furthering their leadership and performing tasks associated with pursuing the goals of their collective: conduct street outreach, facilitate trainings, develop and organize campaigns, operate the worker center, among others. Candidates must be available to work Monday through Saturday sometimes starting at 7am and other times ending at 7pm.

The San Francisco Day Labor Program and Women’s Collective of Dolores Street Community Services is a grassroots-organized program deeply rooted in the community with strong support of key stakeholders. The DLP/WC has been extremely successful in uniting, empowering, and organizing immigrant workers for dignified work and fair wages in San Francisco since 1991. Workers are organized in two collectives, one of men and one of women, for building collective power, developing skills, and operating a shared business.

Members of the collectives work united and organized to eradicate the injustices that affect them, while building their dignity, leadership and power. They learn, work,and participate in immigrant worker movements because they share a vision of having the same opportunities and rights of any other worker. The collectives are co-founders and leaders in the National Day Labor Organizing Network, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Progressive Workers Alliance, California Domestic Workers Coalition, Jobs with Justice, San Francisco Rising, among others.

Experience Required

Worker Empowerment Coordinator

Position Objective: This position has the objective of engaging, guiding, and organizing low-income workers in developing their skills, confidence and leadership individually and collectively. The person in this position breaks through interpersonal barriers that workers may have to build trust, deepen relationships among them and with the program, and activate them for work.


  • Develops intimate and professional understanding of challenges and motivating factors in the lives of workers
  • Develops relationships and engagement strategies to strengthen them as workers in the collective
  • Organizes, coaches, and supports member interns (PEPs) in developing work skills while performing their intern duties: orientation, desk coverage, work dispatch, flyering, sweeping, outreach, workshops, groups, activities, civic actions, center cleaning and maintenance, trash processing, food bank, health clinic, chiropractor, etc.
  • Coordinates the staffing of the call center by interns,
  • Trains call center interns to take job orders, negotiate work, and secure workers,
  • Supports on-site coordination with member leaders, organizers and facilitators,
  • Inspires and supports interns to create and make progress on their individual empowerment plans,
  • Orients and guides workers in preventing and addressing wage theft, and refers cases to legal support,
  • Gathers member participation data and reports monthly and upon request,
  • Administers and coordinates disbursement of stipends to paid member interns,
  • Facilitates member assembly meetings, trainings and other group sessions,
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Spanish-English bilingual
  • Strong Customer Service, Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Extremely organized and highly motivated
  • Affinity to build trust, coordinate and coach others
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Experience facilitating and managing group sessions
  • Strong commitment to supporting immigrant workers

Schedule: Candidates must be available to work up to 8 hours/day, 6 days/week, on a 40-hour/week schedule from Monday through Saturday sometimes starting at 7am and other times ending at 7pm.

Compensation: $40,000/yr (plus medical, dental, vision, long-term disability and life insurance)

Reports to: Organizing and Training Manager DLP/WC, Dolores Street Community Services

The San Francisco Day Labor Program and Women’s Collective of Dolores Street Community Services is an equal-opportunity employer that seeks applicants of the greatest diversity possible, including women, people of color, lesbian/ gay/ bisexual/ queer/ transgender individuals, people living with HIV and persons with disabilities.

Application Instructions

Invest yourself in social justice,
please apply following the instructions:


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