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Marketing & Data Analyst

  • July 2, 2018
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Marketing & Data Analyst
About This Job

About Nisolo

Nisolo is a sustainable fashion brand that produces footwear and accessories for women and men. We are an early-stage, Direct to Consumer E-Commerce company composed of smart, driven teammates committed to excellence and strategic improvement. We are passionate and compassionate, ambitious and pragmatic. We work together in pursuit of the goal to grow a healthy, household name brand and help push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction.

Experience Required

About The Position:

The Nisolo Marketing & Data Analyst will leverage industry-leading analytics platforms and Marketing Technology tools, along with internal and external resources and data sources, to research, collect, and analyze data across all marketing and merchandising channels both online and offline. This include sales programs, marketing events, promotions, social media and strategic partnerships along with website, Email, and content engagements necessary to measure and report on successes and actionable opportunities for marketing campaigns. He/she should have digital marketing prowess with strong curiosity about data and ability to leverage comprehensive analytics to create impactful business insights, strategies, and customer narrative.

As a member of the Nisolo marketing team, ongoing analytics focus includes digital-marketing, lead and demand generation campaigns, and partner marketing campaigns, mapping to buyer funnel and database segmentation and buyer/prospect personas.

The Marketing & Data Analyst will engage and collaborate internally with functional areas of marketing and merchandising to creative services to product development and retail marketing. Externally, the Marketing & Data Analyst may work with affiliates and 3rd party partners responsible for supporting sales and campaign results.



  • Aggregate result metrics from multiple channels and sources to measure effectiveness of marketing and merchandising programs, promotions, and engagements via quantity/quality KPIs and high-level, ROAS and ROI frameworks.
  • Follow and maintain robust measurement infrastructure and monitoring/optimization of campaign/email/website/retail performance.
  • Create, maintain, and optimize comprehensive static ‘snapshot’ online, campaign and engagement reports on weekly/monthly/quarterly cadence as well as facilitate ad-hoc requests.
  • Maintain awareness of trends, technologies and industry standards related to campaign deployment including our product portfolio and business processes.
  • Understand digital and industry best practice benchmarks and stakeholders’ goals and objectives.
  • Build systems to structure and transform raw data into actionable business insights to inform greater company strategy and decision making.
  • Disseminate reporting to appropriate interdepartmental teams and stakeholders to ensure that the wider team is aware of campaign performance to better target users and improve overall ROI and effectiveness.
  • Ensure secure storing, handling, and access to company data and support team members in the use of data systems and processes.
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned.

Desired Skills & Qualifications:

  • 3-5 years of experience working as an E-Commerce data analyst, using data to drive strategy.
  • 2-3 years of digital marketing experience including omni-channel, online marketing, email marketing, marketing analytics, database management, and lead/demand generation.
  • Strong understanding and experience using analytics, reporting, and dashboard software tools.
  • Expert knowledge of:
  • Google Analytics Suite
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Strong familiarity with each of the following preferred:
  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Google Adwords Manager
  • User experience tools such as Crazy Egg or Optimizely
  • B.S./M.S. in Marketing, Business, Mathematics, or Economics preferred.
  • Experience in some programming language preferred.
  • Previous consumer facing, E-Commerce brand experience preferred.
  • Aptitude to create logic-based queries and data filtering criteria.
  • Ability to evaluate and improve analytics tools/reporting, determine gaps, and provide best practices for improvement.
  • Self-motivated, creative, and flexible with the ability to multi-task and take initiative.
  • Positive attitude, team player and contributor.
  • Passionate about driving innovation and technology adoption to the greater team.
  • Marketing automation and personalization experience a plus.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong attention to detail, and intuition to validate data.
Application Instructions

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email a single PDF document containing a cover letter, answers to the below questions, and a résumé to with the subject line “Marketing & Data Analyst [Applicant’s Name].”

  1. What are the 3-5 keys to success for you in the role of Marketing & Data Analyst? How do these keys success tie in to your strengths and experience?
  2. What sets you apart for this position from other candidates with comparable qualifications and experience?
  3. What are 2-3 of your proudest achievements using data to drive a critical decision, optimize a campaign, discover an untapped opportunity, or hedge a risk?
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