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Editorial/Design Assistant

  • May 31, 2019
Editorial/Design Assistant
About This Job
Experience Required

You could be our next Editorial/Design Assistant if you:


> You know how to use WordPress: You know your way around WordPress and you like laying out blog posts, updating plug-ins, responding to comments, etc.

> You’ve got an eye for design: Rank & File branding is right up your alley and you’ve also got a design-eye yourself. Staying “on brand” is something that come easy for you, so you could curate photos for our Instagram or our blog with no problem!

> You’re a natural writer: You have a talent for writing that feels conversational, authentic and natural… with a glimpse of human here and there. Writing doesn’t take up too much of your time and you really enjoy it! Experience with proofing content for grammatical errors would be a plus, plus! 😉

> You’re a social media junkie: Social media is really energizing for you. You love creating beautiful, engaging posts and following up on comments and likes!

> You know how to use Active Campaign: formatting newsletters could be a part of your responsibility so it’s important that the technology around it feels easy to you (or that you are happy to learn it on your own time.)

> You are up to speed on technology. It comes easy to you and you aren’t scared to learn new systems either – it’s fun for you! You are already comfortable working with Google Drive and it’s apps (docs, sheets, slides). You also can use Slack to keep up with internal communications.

> You love the purpose-driven entrepreneurship space. You are a big fan of social good companies, startups or you have been an entrepreneur yourself! You regularly follow the industry or are part of other entrepreneurship communities so you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening.


Bonus Items:

We’re also hiring a virtual administrative assistant, and are open to hiring one person for both roles. So, make sure you let us know if you have skills for any of these items as well:

> You are organized and like managing projects. You really enjoy tracking progress and you like nerding out on keeping up with deadlines. You always think ahead and can pinpoint what needs to happen next. Experience with Asana or Clickup Project Management software is a plus.

> Emailing is your jam. You are a rock star at keeping inboxes organized and you are super great at following up and making sure that everyone is being cared for. You don’t mind managing several things at once: scheduling a meeting, answering a Rank & File member question and following up on an upcoming article for the magazine.

> Are comfortable following procedures. You like taking action when it’s your time to shine and following operational procedures to check administrative to-do items off of your list.

Application Instructions

Apply Today!

Submit your application for a start in early May

Send an email to to tell us why you are interested in this position.

No need to include a CV or cover letter: age, gender, country of origin, academic background doesn’t mean that much to us. We are curious about your personality and your current talents! Instead (required), send a 3 to 5-minute video of yourself sharing with us who you are, why you are inspired to apply for this position and why you’d be a great fit! You can also include links to your social media presence, or a blog/website showing experience you’ve had that relates to the role.

All submissions must be received before or by noon (EST) on Friday, April 26th.

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