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Counselor/Teacher – FL
About This Job

Position Concept:

A positive, supportive role model who guides and influences a group of 10-12 teenage girls in an outdoor therapeutic wilderness setting to enhance the youth’s confidence and self-esteem.  The Counselor/Teacher position is the front-line of facilitating and ensuring each youth’s therapeutic and educational progress.  The Counselor/Teacher will be responsible for delivering evidence-based practices per training, participating in implementation of outdoor education modules (e.g. canoe trips, backpack trips, ropes course, fine arts, etc.), and impacting the lives of young women by encouraging and fostering change.  Responsible for the delivery and assessment of assigned elective courses.

• Responsible for overall supervision of the youth which includes working 24 hours a day for 5 days a week with 2 days off.  Room and board is provided in an off-campus house, at no cost, for the days the Counselor/Teacher is not working.

Experience Required

Education – Bachelor’s degree, from an accredited College or University, in social or human service field preferred.

Experience – Experience working with youth preferred.

Physical Demands – Ability to travel about property, through wilderness terrain.  Must be able to pass evaluation of crisis intervention/physical restraint techniques and written certification exam, and use approved techniques as needed.  Must be able to participate in aquatic activities. Ability to stand, sit, or walk for extended periods of time.  Constant exposure to outdoors and/or weather conditions.

Application Instructions

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