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Community Coordinator

  • March 10, 2018
Community Coordinator
About This Job
Experience Required

Social Enterprise Alliance is the champion and key catalyst for the development of the social enterprise sector in the United States. Our vision is for social enterprise to reach its potential as a force for more effective and sustainable social impact. We empower social enterprises with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and work to foster a social enterprise ecosystem in which they can thrive.


We are seeking a full-time Fellows + Community Coordinator who is interested in learning more about social enterprise in the United States and has a passion for growth, operations and community engagement. The Fellows + Community Coordinator will work closely with SEA’s Director of Community to support programmatic evolution and membership.


Her/His primary responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:


  • Managing SEA’s member experience, sourcing and managing new member leads and responding to membership requests and inquiries;
  • Supporting the growth, implementation and strategy of SEA’s current and new programs (;
  • Collaborate on the launch of a new national initiative that includes managing and supporting talent and programming throughout the chapter network to ensure the successful development of the initiative;
  • Coordinating with the communications team to insure innovative and impactful messaging of program offerings and member value;
  • Participating as needed in all key SEA matters and in support of other team members including strategic planning, fundraising, communications, board relations, etc.
Application Instructions

Social Enterprise Alliance is seeking candidates with at least 2+ years of full-time work experience (not including internships, summer jobs or part-time jobs during school).


Strong applicants will:


  • display a personal interest in SEA’s vision, mission and values, and a strong commitment to positive social change;
  • bring their best selves to this work, contributing new ideas, critical analysis and optimism for growth;
  • demonstrate an ability to be self-directed and execute successfully on assigned projects;
  • be skilled in written communications and working constructively in teams;
  • be proficient in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to by March 31.