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  • December 31, 2018
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Thank you for your interest in teaching with Care2Rock!

Through Care2Rock, musicians make a unique “double difference” in the world: 1) They teach paid lessons to the public via our website; and 2) they agree to teach free lessons to a child in foster care for up to a year, either online or in person. If a teacher is unable to volunteer, we donate $2 to a partner agency that helps youth in foster care succeed.


  • Supplemental income – Make extra money when you’re not teaching regularly scheduled classes or students, or when you’re not touring or playing regular gigs.
  • Time flexibility – Set your own schedule to accommodate regular teaching, touring or other obligations.
  • Broader reach – Teach students from a wide variety of geographic locations.
  • Topline technology – Work using Web RTC, a leading-edge video conferencing platform that provides a real-time, high-quality audio and video experience, with no PIN codes to remember or software to download. 
  • Recording capabilities – Record your instruction to enhance the lesson experience and move students forward faster.
  • Secure platform – Rest assured with the knowledge that our program is fully compliant with COPPA [Child Online Privacy Protection Act], and safe for kids to use.
  • Deeper impact – Permanently and positively change a life by agreeing to musically mentor one child in foster care, in addition to teaching our paying customers.

Care2Rock is an impact-focused L3C website – most of our teachers volunteer to serve as a musical mentor for one child in foster care every week for up to a year, either online or in-person. For teachers who are not matched with a child in foster care – due to geographic limitations, student availability or other reasons – Care2Rock will donate $2 of every paid lesson the teacher performs to a partner organization that supports youth in foster care. For more about our cause and why you should be part of it, click here.

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