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Nonprofit Management Institute: Transforming Anxiety into Active Leadership

  • September 10, 2019 — September 12, 2019
Nonprofit Management Institute: Transforming Anxiety into Active Leadership
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“Transforming Anxiety into Active Leadership”


Many of us today are living in a constant state of generalized anxiety, in both our personal and professional lives. Concerns about the state of the economy, the ever-shifting political landscape, and what these forces could mean for the future are creating a heightened sense of apprehension, and those of us in the nonprofit sector often feel especially vulnerable. These fears are not unique to those with particular political leanings or who live in certain countries; people across the ideological spectrum and around the world report feeling uncertain about what the next 12-18 months and beyond will bring.


Unfortunately, anxiety among nonprofit leaders can lead to organizational paralysis, which is particularly dangerous given that we and our organizations are increasingly called on to address the challenges arising from these social and economic upheavals. In fact, according to research conducted right here at Stanford, nonprofits that retrenched and failed to move forward during the economic downturn of the early 2000s were less likely to survive the recession than nonprofits whose leadership pushed forward and invested in their future.


So how do we transform this unease and foreboding into a sense of renewed purpose and focus for the future?


Find the answers to this question at Stanford Social Innovation Review‘s “Transforming Anxiety into Active Leadership.”


While the challenges we face are real and varied, the goal of this year’s institute is to provide social innovation leaders with the resources and insights they need to set or renew their objectives, expand their resources, and keep moving their organizations forward!


Topics will include*:
• Effective Communications Strategies and the Upside of Conflict
• Fundraising Approaches for Tougher Times and Changing Giving Patterns
• Maximizing Skilled Volunteer Talent
• The Role of Government Funding
• Partnering with Organizations Outside the Nonprofit Sector for Greater Impact
• The Power of Movements and Grassroots Organizing
• Technologies to Improve Efficiencies
• Collective Action
• Mergers as a Tool for Growth
• The Neuroscience of Anxiety
• Stress Management and Life Design for Nonprofit Leaders
… among others.


We encourage you and your team to join us, and in the spirit of peer-to-peer learning that is a hallmark of SSIR, explore together the many ways we can transform anxiety into action!

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