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Lunch & Learn: Focus Forward 2019
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As creatives, leaders, and innovators, we often get so bogged down in the details and “systems” of operating and performing that we move further and further away from our flow and creative spirit. While the operations of doing business are necessary to our performance, “checking in” to make sure we are in alignment with our purpose and leading with passion are keys to integrating a more balanced approach to conscious entrepreneurship.

This event will bring us together in looking forward to the 2019 new year in this fun and interactive “visioneering” lunch and learn.

Have you created the image of your upcoming new year on the magnificent screen of your mind? Do you have a framework and an inspiring plan to bring your vision forward into results? Join us to collaborate with other successful leaders and creators to get a sense of what the ‘big picture” is for both the local community and beyond.

Price: Free  |  Lunch is not provided.

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