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Activate Purpose 1-Day Workshop

  • September 29, 2018
  • 8:00am — 4:30pm
Activate Purpose 1-Day Workshop
About This Event

Come and be inspired to discover your purpose, transform your life and create your awesome purpose-driven business.  This event is intended to connect you with other like-minded individuals who are already entrepreneurs or are seeking to become entrepreneurs with a socially-driven mission.  Our goal is to light the fire that you have within to use your passion, skills and desire for social impact, and bring them all together into the marketplace.  Many people have a desire to start a social business venture that can allow them to do what they love, make money at it, AND have positive impact in the world.  Our events bring together a room full of resources, knowledge and experience to help you understand where and how to start down this social business journey, and to connect you to a community of people who will help support you along the way.

Tickets are under $50 to keep the event affordable and accessible for all.  A portion of ticket sales go to support our Pathways 2 Prosperity program, which provides career pathway and self-sufficiency training, coaching and mentoring for young adults disconnected from school and employment, or who are severely underemployed.

Visit to learn more about our social enterprise nonprofit.

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