Jerr’s Journal: My Adventures in Social Enterprise

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Encore! Press
  • January 1, 2016
Jerr’s Journal: My Adventures in Social Enterprise

For more than 35 years, Jerr Boschee has been working with startups and thriving social enterprises around the world — and his newest book reveals some of the important lessons they’ve taught him. The book is available free and can be downloaded either as a pdf or as an eBook from

The book contains 44 stories delivered in Jerr’s informal, journalistic style. Each story begins with an episode from his personal life or from the world around us and gradually becomes a cautionary tale for social enterprises: The most frightening comic book he ever read as a child; surviving a college exam about Shakespeare; his grandfather’s career as a bootlegger; how Michelangelo dealt with a disappointed customer; wandering among predators and prey in a South African game preserve; or co-writing a play with Anton Chekhov.

Jerr has delivered keynote speeches or conducted master classes in 43 states and 21 countries and has long been recognized as one of the founders of the social enterprise movement — including his work with five others in 1997 to co-found what eventually became the Social Enterprise Alliance and serving from 2001-2004 as an ambassador for England’s Department of Trade and Industry Social Enterprise Unit. He’s been a guest lecturer at numerous academic institutions, including Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Northwestern, Oxford, Stanford, Ulster and others. He is the author or editor of six previous books about social enterprise and currently teaches the capstone course in Pepperdine University’s Master’s Degree program in “Social Entrepreneurship and Change.”

Jerr can be reached at Click the link to access Jerr’s website, where you can download an e-book for free.

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