Quality Products Made to Free the Captive

Beaudin was founded in 2013 by a mother-daughter team looking to make an impact beyond the corporate world. Shirley and Meredith quickly came to realize the best way to accomplish this was to create their own product line. From the first product to the last, each Beaudin bag is designed to last a lifetime. Over the years, Shirley and Meredith recognized there was a greater purpose to the design work they had begun. Beaudin now dedicates its walls to the liberation of women from all walks of life. Ultimately, the duo found that Beaudin was Made to Free the Captive.


With their new mission, Beaudin transformed into a true ministry to support women through what could be the most difficult transition of their lives. Specifically, Beaudin provides training and employment for those in difficult situations. They hope to instill all of their employees with tangible skills to carry through the rest of their lives. By working in Beaudin’s full production studio (established in 2017), they learn how to handmake beautiful products. Every stitch, rivet and tag is specifically placed to meet high expectations of quality and personal growth. 


In 2014, Beaudin partnered with Out of Darkness, the anti-trafficking ministry of Atlanta Dream Center. Together, they expanded ministry efforts beyond Beaudin’s walls. Out of Darkness specifically aims to reach, rescue and restore lives bound by this affliction. Now, a portion of all Beaudin’s proceeds goes to Out of Darkness to support efforts for the betterment of Atlanta’s local and global community.


Beaudin joined SEA to be part of a network of social enterprises working together. They feel that SEA brings encouragement by knowing that there are others dedicated to helping businesses like Beaudin continue to do good.

To learn more about Beaudin, check out their member directory profile.

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