Making Music Lessons Accessible for All

African American girl in casual outfit learning how to play guitar while sitting on couch near male tutor during music lesson

Care2Rock is an easy and affordable way to learn music from anywhere, with provided instruments and live online lessons on an award-winning custom platform. They’re working to make music more accessible to all. Traditional music lessons pose several barriers to beginners – people may struggle to learn, parents hassle to drive children to lessons and students don’t know where to find vetted teaches. Furthermore, the American education system is leaving music behind, with most schools cutting music programs, and those who are disenfranchised from the arts – such as the disabled or foster children – have no access to music learning.

With Care2Rock, students can easily take music lessons live and online. They fill each students’ needs by shipping guitars, keyboards and other beginner instruments to customers who subscribe to our custom lesson platform, choosing between 2-4 lessons a month with upgrades offered such as recordings. For students who only need lessons, Care2Rock provides lessons at an affordable price.

Their main goal, however, is to bring free music lessons to more youth in foster care. That’s why Care2Rock teachers also volunteer for youth in foster care for free on the platform, changing lives!  Through the funds from their paid services, Care2Rock is able to fulfill its social mission of supporting youth, helping to provide a lifeline to the arts for students who often are left behind when it comes to learning music.

One of Care2Rock’s teachers who has mentored youth in foster care for 5 years has felt the experience to be “incredible rewarding and enriching.” They share, “Working with young students, I’ve seen the tremendous positive influences that music studies and activities can have on kids. In addition to encouraging and rewarding healthy forms of personal expression, music studies can also have a great impact on a kid’s sense of confidence and accomplishment as well as creating a sense of connection and belonging with fellow young musicians. I also feel like I’ve learned just as much or more from our lessons and performances together and I’ve seen the impact that one can have on a young student by simply being a reliable, encouraging figure in their life.” For students and teachers alike, Care2Rock is bringing people together with the joy of learning music.

Care2Rock’s CEO, Karyn Scott, says “Since joining SEA, I have been thrilled to learn of other opportunities in the social mission space, and have enjoyed connecting with other social entrepreneurs.  As social change progresses, we need more resources like SEA to bring about the world we envision with creative solutions.”

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