Unlocking Positive Transformation with Wellness and Resilience

Lumos Transforms was founded in 2015 by Nkem Ndefo to shepherd individuals, communities and organizations through positive change programming. By empowering people to access wellness, grow resilience and cultivate beneficial behaviors, the Lumos team initiates a transformation process that ripples outward. A commitment to responsive solutions means Lumos meets clients exactly where they are, regardless of their personal backgrounds or organizations’ size and budget. The ultimate goal? Creating socio-cultural systems that are healthy, balanced, interdependent, sustainable and equitable.

Their organizational wellness programs implement trauma-informed and resilience-oriented trainings; diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism initiatives; and embodied leadership trainings. For the general public, they offer classes and workshops, individual sessions and certification programs that help people prepare for change and unlock their inner potential. And as leaders in the fields of stress, resilience, trauma, embodiment, and antiracism, we also provide public speaking and subject matter expertise for media and private events. After working with Lumos, their clients report becoming better at setting and holding boundaries, extricating themselves from toxic relationships or work environments and increasing their capacity to work through difficult situations.

2020 was a year of massive change – for the world, and for Lumos. As people experienced the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the global uprisings against the murder of George Floyd and racialized police violence, Lumos rose to the challenge. In the spring of 2020, Lumos launched a free workshop, Anchoring Resilience for Turbulent Times, to support as many people as possible with practical tools to regulate the nervous system and grow personal resilience. So far, this workshop has served over 1200 individuals in 27 different US states and 37 countries.

One of the central principles of the trauma-informed approach is peer support. As such, Lumos joined SEA to have a place where they can seek and offer peer support in order to be a more trauma-informed organization. They value the community created by SEA as a place for changemakers to connect, share and learn.

To learn more about Lumos Transforms, check out their member directory profile.

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