Gift Cards for Good Causes

Pintuna is an innovative business ignited by the pandemic. As a gift card purchasing platform, Pintuna allows users to donate a portion of proceeds to the nonprofit of their choice while tracking their consumption habits and impact.

In 2018 Pintuna founder, Ashwin Kedia (a 25-year Silicon Valley veteran), signed up to be a mentor and volunteer at two nonprofits in Sunnyvale, California. Ashwin was surprised to learn the fundraising challenges they faced in spite of being in the center of an economically booming Silicon Valley. This made him dig deeper to research more about the general state of fundraising for nonprofits in the United States.

After discovering that individuals and corporations are donating almost $450 billion dollars annually, Ashwin realized that Americans cannot be pushed much more for donations before they reach donation fatigue, even though there is a chronic shortage of funds for over a million nonprofits. On the flipside, consumer spending in the US is close to $53 trillion dollars annually, which sparked Ashwin’s idea to direct some of that money towards social impact. After two years of development and in the wake of the global pandemic, Ashwin launched Pintuna in November of 2020 to promote conscious consumerism, giving users the opportunity to make a social impact in their daily life and purchasing habits.

With Pintuna, members can purchase gift cards and prepaid cards for themselves, friends and family through the platform’s website and app. A portion of each purchase goes directly to a nonprofit of their choice. These conscious consumers can even track their impact through their purchases. It’s a mutual win for customers, businesses and nonprofits, all of which are seeking new ways to support each other to keep the community thriving.

Specifically, nonprofits use Pintuna as an evergreen opportunity to generate funds for their organizations through the sale of gift cards from 50+ major brands like Apple, Amazon, GAP, Banana Republic, Sephora, GrubHub, Home Depot, Lowes and Eddie Bauer, with hundreds more to be added in 2021. City Lights Theater Company, a Bay Area nonprofit, shared that they are benefitting tremendously in the few weeks they’ve been on the Pintuna platform and their supporters love it as a new and easy way to give to the organization.

Ashwin is excited to join SEA and a network of like-minded individuals in order to refine and further Pintuna’s mission while tapping into the collective wisdom of social enterprise thought leaders and organizations.

Pintuna is offering their platform for free through June of 2021 to SEA members. For more information contact Pintuna at

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