Inclusive Beauty for All

Humanist Beauty is a skincare brand that prioritizes diversity, inclusion and clean, ethical production. The brand is a part of The Human Beauty Movement, a public benefit corporation on a mission to foster radical inclusivity, holistic wellness, and eco-ethical sustainability in the beauty industry and beyond.

The Human Beauty Movement, PBC (The HBM) was founded by Jennifer Norman, a beauty industry executive turned entrepreneur. During her 20-year career as a marketer and consultant for major cosmetic and personal care brands, Jennifer became privy to many highs and lows of beauty industry practices. Far too often, she witnessed management decisions that valued profits and short-term gains over people, safety and honesty. She decided it was time to start her own business that would truly put people first. Jennifer believes the global beauty industry needs a wakeup call. Too many people suffer from low self-esteem. Too many products contain harmful ingredients. Too many natural resources are wasted in production. Too many people still feel marginalized, underrepresented, prejudiced, and discriminated against. With this in mind, Jennifer was inspired to form The HBM and turn the face of beauty inside out.

With a commitment to quadruple-bottom line business practices (purpose, people, planet, profits), The HBM is spearheading a conscious movement founded upon kindness, compassion, integrity and trust as the four key pillars of its success. After only 16 months in business, it received a B Corporation Certification for upholding the highest standards of social and environmental impact. The HBM also employs a donate-back model, which gives 3% of its annual gross revenue to social impact organizations like Gates Philanthropy Partners and Black Lives Matter. It prioritizes inclusivity through its model selection and marketing communication. Through the launch of its first skincare brand, Humanist Beauty, it welcomes all humans regardless of color, gender, age, creed, status or ability.

In 2020, Humanist Beauty launched its first skincare product, the Herban Wisdom™ Facial Oil. It’s a facial serum that’s 100% naturally-derived, 100% vegan, Leaping Bunny® Certified cruelty-free, and preservative-free. Mindfully formulated with full spectrum whole hemp, adaptogenic herbs, antioxidant botanicals and Korean fermented oils, it calms, soothes and rejuvenates even the most sensitive, stressed-out skin. Its packaging was designed for material conservation and recyclability. Greenhouse gas emissions are 100% offset by reforestry initiatives for carbon neutrality. And, it’s accessible and inclusive for those with blindness and visual impairment through a special Braille ID Band! Just one month after the Facial Oil was launched, it won the NEXTY Award for Best New Personal Care Beauty Product by New Hope Network.

The HBM joined Social Enterprise Alliance in October 2020 to be part of a community of business leaders truly committed to making a difference. More and more, it believes that the old winner/loser business model is only benefitting a few and seriously failing most. There’s a hollowing out of our economy and a great social divide that is absolutely not sustainable. Collaboration, not competition, is the way that society will most fully prosper. By networking, learning from each other, and sharing best practices, we can all lift each other up and help each other succeed.

To learn more about The Human Beauty Movement, PBC, check out their member directory profile.

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